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To connect your Protect4S system to Satellite Systems that have a MaxDB type database, follow the instructions mentioned in:
Don't forget to add the environment variables as mentioned in note 649814 like e.g. in the RZ10 instance profile like: SETENV_01 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/sapdb/clients/<SID>/lib:/sapdb/clients/<SID>/lib/lib64:$(DIR_LIBRARY):%(LD_LIBRARY_PATH) SETENV_04 PATH=/sapdb/clients/<SID>/bin:/sapdb/clients/<SID>/pgm:/sapdb/programs/pgm:/sapdb/programs/bin:$(DIR_EXECUTABLE):%(PATH) Execute_00 immediate $(DIR_CT_RUN)$(DIR_SEP)sapcpe$(FT_EXE) pf=$(_PF)
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