Installation post-processing

Check that HTTP(S) service is active

Make sure that at least one HTTP(S) service is active using transaction SMICM before continuing with the next step.

See transaction: SMICM, Goto, Services <Shift-F1>

Transaction SMICM, Goto, Services

Run the post-installation wizard

Run the post-installation wizard in every client where Protect4S VM needs to run, but not in client 000 as it is a best practice to use a separate client for Protect4S VM. The post-installation wizard is started by executing transaction: /n/ESEC/SA_PI. Do this with a user that at least has the role /ESEC/SA_ADMINISTRATOR.

The wizard will activate the necessary SICF services (see appendix D). It will also prompt for the license installation and Quick setup.

License installation

Protect4S VM needs an installed and valid license in order to execute. The first time that Protect4S VM is started, this license must be installed. A valid license file will be supplied by the Protect4S support team during the purchasing process.

Requesting a new Protect4S VM license

Requesting a new Protect4S VM license can be done simply by selecting the option "Request license" from the menu:

This will show you the relevant information of the Protect4S system (System number and Installation number as can be found in the transaction SLICENSE of the central Protect4S system) that we need for generating the license:

When the "Open e-mail" option is chosen, a mail will be created for the Protect4S support team containing the relevant information for us to generate your license file:

Then, send the mail to the Protect4S support team to receive a generated license.

  • ✔ Should you have lost this file or never received it, please contact the Protect4S support team.

Uploading the license file

In this screen, press the button labeled: "New".

This will start up a new screen in which you can upload and save the license key file:

After uploading and saving the license key file, you will be able to see the license in the overview in the License Administration:

You may inspect the license and feature information with the "Display" button:

After having installed the license: select Yes.

Press Close in order to inspect the Application settings.

After confirmation of this popup, you must supply data for the application settings: a background user that runs the scan jobs (This must be a user with the role /ESEC/SA_BACKGROUND_EXECUTOR), an optional server group to limit the amount of dialog work processes used for parallel scan processing and a reply-to email address for the notification mails send from Protect4S VM. Make sure to also set the Background job in the lower part of the screen to Active to make sure notifications are received if desired.

Continue with the post installation wizard

Select Yes in order to start the Protect4S VM launch pad

Protect4S VM is started via transaction: /n/ESEC/SA_LPAD, which opens the Protect4S VM launch pad menu. Please take into account that the initial load generation might take some time. Should the transaction timeout, please refresh the page again with the key or set a higher value for SAP parameter rdisp/plugin_auto_logout using transaction: RZ11.

  • After running the Post installation wizard, refresh your browser cache (CTRL-F5) to make sure the application icons are displayed correctly.

  • Every menu Item selected will start in a new browser tab. When you have finished using an item, you may simply close the tab.

Protect4S VM Fiori Post-Install

In the active Protect4S system client, use SM30 to add the following table entry to view /IWFND/V_MGDEAM

  • Service Doc. Identifier = /ESEC/SA_RISK_OVRVW_SRV_0001

  • SAP System Alias = LOCAL (for non-Solution Manager systems)

  • SAP System Alias = LOCAL_SM (for Solution Manager systems)

  • Default System = X

  • Tech. Svc. Name = /ESEC/SA_RISK_OVRVW_SRV

  • Ext. Service Name = SA_RISK_OVRVW_SRV

Protect4S VM Fiori launchpad

Protect4S VM also has a Fiori launchpad available that can be started from the User Menu in SAP:

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