Scan subscriptions

  • A scan is a vulnerability assessment run by Protect4S VM.

Any contact person may subscribe him-/herself to the notification process for one or more Scan(s). This means that a mail will be send to the mail address supplied for the contact person and according to the notification period set for that user.

If such (a) subscription(s) exists, a periodic mail will inform the contact persons that some scans, which he/she has subscribed to, have finished during the last period. The mail contains links to each finished Scan. In order to see the Scan details, the contact person must first logon to the Protect4S system.

Scan subscriptions may be accessed via "My contact profile" under settings using the button "Scan subscriptions".

This will open a screen showing a list of subscriptions and where subscriptions can be created deleted:

In the Scan subscription menu, you may subscribe yourself to individual scans. For this, you have to select a Scan ID and also specify the Minimum risk level rating that these scans should have.

Including scan results as attachment

By using the scan subscription, you may decide whether to include the results as attachment in the email or not. We suggest not to include the attachments to have the vulnerabilities send over the email due to potential risk. Should you decide to use this functionality, do know that once the attachment is sent out by email. You will lose control over who can view all the weaknesses of your system. As an example the file might forwarded from receiver to another person without your knowledge.

Scan Notification list

Please note that Scan Notifications are only send out if the send job has been scheduled correctly (see the background jobs in the Application Settings) and if the Email out configuration in transaction SCOT has been set up correctly. Note, email configuration within the system is client dependent. Please consult your basis consultant for setting up the email settings within the system.

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