Software version requirements

Software component requirements

You can install Protect4S VM on any SAP ABAP Platform or NetWeaver ABAP system that contains one of the following components with the indicated minimum level of support packs:

  • 7.40 with Support Package Stack 17

  • 7.50 with Support Package Stack 14

  • 7.51 with Support Package Stack 8

  • 7.52 with Support Package Stack 4

  • 7.53 or higher.

Protect4S VM use the so called re-use components, therefore one of the following components need to be present in the system where Protect4S VM runs (These components are typically present in the SAP Solution Manager, S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite solutions like ECC, CRM, SRM, etc):


  • S4CORE

  • S4FND

The SAP_UI component needs to be 7.53 Patchlevel 0005 or higher.

The Add-On Installation tool (SPAM/SAINT) version needs to be level 0073 as a minimum.

Additionally, you must apply the following notes (when applicable for your SAP system version. If SNOTE says a note is not applicable then you can skip that note): 3072448 - /BOFU/CHANGE_DOC_TAB: Change indicator column is not read only 2752858 - Gateway servive generation leads to dumps in GBI 2346208 - FBI list feeder class GET_DATA - selected line or lead index check

Other requirements

Network communication between the Protect4S system and satellite systems must be possible. All supported SAP system types running on-premise, in IAAS-based cloud environments and SAP systems in the PCE (ABAP only) can be scanned. Keep in mind below requirements.

  • The Protect4S system must be able to resolve the IP-addresses of the satellite systems to host names. The specific ports used by Protect4S VM can be found in Appendix C.

  • For the Protect4S system, the SAP parameter abap/shared_objects_size_MB should have a value of at least 300 MB.

  • Always apply the highest available Protect4S VM support package.

  • Operate Protect4S VM not from client 000

  • If you want to make use of the Fiori Launchpad then make sure to have this activated beforehand

Satellite systems:

  • SAP Web Application Server 6.40 on kernel 6.40 patch level 414 or higher.

  • SAP Web Application Server 7.0 and higher.

  • SAP Business Objects 4.3 and higher.

  • ST-PI and ST/A-PI add-ons need to be installed and patched to a recent (less than one year old) version.

  • SAP Cloud Connector 2.14 and higher.

  • Being one of the supported SAP system types:

    • SAP S/4HANA

    • SAP ABAP Stack

    • SAP JAVA Stack

    • SAP Dual Stack

    • SAP HANA standalone

    • SAP Web Dispatcher

    • SAP BusinessObjects BI

    • SAProuter

    • SAP Cloud Connector

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