Add-On Installation, import support packages and upgrade

Add-On Installation

Protect4S VM is delivered as an SAP Add-On and must be applied through the usual Add-On installation process using transaction SAINT in client 000 of the relevant Protect4S system.

New Protect4S VM installations require the Protect4S base package plus the latest available Protect4S support package. These can be installed in a single SAINT queue.

Support packages are non-incremental (they contain all predecessors) and can be merged into the installation queue.

During the installation, a warning may state that the Base package or Support Package are not digitally signed, however this is normal behavior (see also OSS Note 2645739), and the warning can be ignored. Protect4S VM customers can always check the downloaded Support Packages against the SHA256 checksum on the Protect4S website:

(See SAP help : SAP Add-On Installation Tool)

After the installation or upgrade, Post-processing must be executed via transaction /n/ESEC/SA_PI in the productive client you use Protect4S VM in.

Importing Support packages

When Protect4S VM is already installed and you want to update to the latest support pack you can use the regular SAP transaction SPAM in client 000 to import the most recent support package.

The latest Protect4S VM support package can be obtained via with your personal user-ID. If you don't have one please contact our support team.

Keep in mind that the Protect4S VM support packages are non-cumulative, so you just need the latest support package as it contains all previous functionality as well. Support packages for Protect4S VM can only be installed after the initial Protect4S VM package is installed.

Important: After import of the latest support package make sure to run the Post-Installation wizard via transaction /n/ESEC/SA_PI in the productive client you use Protect4S VM in.

Upgrade from Protect4S 5.x to 6.0

Protect4S VM 6.0 is a new major version that can be installed newly or over the existing 5.x installation using transaction SAINT in client 000. Do NOT first de-install Protect4S VM because this will remove current settings and historical data. Support packages for Protect4S VM 6.0 can be installed together with the initial Protect4S VM 6.0 base package in one run.

For the prerequisites for Protect4S VM see the Chapter Software version requirements.

After importing Protect4S VM 6.0, the installation post-processing must be executed with transaction /n/ESEC/SA_PI in the productive client.

Please reset your browser cache afterwards (CTRL+F5) in order to display the application icons correctly.

In the application setting screen, please confirm and check whether all the user settings are correct. Generally, this should be the same as before the upgrade. If not, the settings should be corrected before proceeding. Once completed, click 'no' to finish the post-processing step.

For details please see Check and set Application settings.

In addition, the role ESEC_SA_SATELITE for the ABAP users in all satellite systems must be upgraded to version 042 or higher when available.

Upgrade from Protect4S 6.x to 7.0

Protect4S VM 7.0 is a new major version that can be installed newly or over the existing 6.x installation using transaction SAINT in client 000. The same steps apply for this upgrade as the upgrade from 5.x to 6.0 with the exception of the ESEC_SA_SATELITE role.

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