Appendix E: using a server group

In order to enable parallel processing and avoid overloading the Dialog work processes of the Protect4S system, it is possible to configure a Server group using transaction RZ12.

1. Determine how many Dialog work processes you have available using transaction SM50.

Example: you have 10 DIA work processes.

2. Determine how many you want to use for parallel processing.

Example: you want to use up to 6 parallel processes.

3. Transaction RZ12, press the button "Create assignment" and supply a name ("Protect4S") and assign it to an instance.

In the next popup "Apply current quotas", select Yes and set the "Minimum number of Free WPs" to 4. (The value 4 being the Amount of available work processes (1) minus the amount that should be used for parallel processing (2).

RZ12 Creating a Server group

4. Press the Copy button and Save afterwards in order to make these settings effective.

5. Additionally, put the name of the server group created in the application settings (from launchpad, under Settings):

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