Check and set Application settings

Specific Protect4S VM settings can be customized at any time via the “Application settings” application. From the Protect4S VM main menu choose “Application Settings” to start this application.

Application Settings

The background executor user name should be an existing SAP User ID that is used to schedule the background jobs that run the Projects. This user must be provided with the /ESEC/SA_BACKGROUND_EXECUTOR role.

Both the "Project execute server group" and "Mitigation execution server group" **** are optional fields where a server group may be supplied. A dedicated server group may be created with transaction RZ12 in order to restrict the number of active SAP work processes used by the Protect4S system.

The "Scan notification reply e-mail address" must be provided and is used as the "sender” e-mail address when sending out e-mail notifications from Protect4S VM.

The "maximum no. months for the valid period" field is meant for providing an upper limit to the validity of an exemption created in exemption management.

SIEM Settings

The "Output format" field provides an option to choose between the Common Event Format (CEF) and the Log Event Extended Format (LEEF) of the information that is sent to an external SIEM system.

The "Directory path" provides the location for the files that will be sent to SIEM.

In order to recognize the files that will be sent to SIEM, an optional " File prefix" can be specified.

The scan export settings provide a choice between the PDF style in which the document containing the Scan export is presented. In PDF Style "Protect4S" all the Scan exports produced will have the standard make-up containing the Protect4S logo and style.

When the PDF style "Custom" is chosen, a new header logo can be chosen instead of the default Protect4S logo. In addition the title of the scan export documents produced can be changed.

This option is interesting for SAP Service provider companies (MSP's) that want to sent out the scan exports to their customers and want their own company logo and title inside the scan export documents.

The following specifications are required for the logo image:


Image type:





Between 100px and 500px

Bit size:


Color depth:

256 colors

The color depth of 256 colors is needed to prevent a white background of the logo to be displayed in gray on the scan export. See also:

Background Jobs

When in editing mode, the Background jobs overview may be changed in order to: activate/de-activate or update the frequency of the background job used to sent out notifications.

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