Creating a SAP Cloud Connector system

Creating a SAP Cloud Connector satellite system

To connect to a SAP Cloud Connector system; select the System Type "Cloud Connector" when creating a new system.

In the next screens of the System wizard, supply the connection parameters: A user for the API connection is mandatory. The default port is 8443.

Additional checks can be performed via a SAPControl connection. Because the Cloud Connector does not have a sapstart service itself, this is only possible if another SAP instance is installed on the same host, that does have a sapstartsrv. To install a standalone SMD agent via SWPM see SAP Note 2253383. Note the following:

  • the <sid>adm of the other SAP instance must be used (not another OS user).

  • the <sid>adm user of the other SAP instance must have read access to the files in the Cloud Connector path. On unix based systems, this can be done by adding the user to the sccgroup. Note that a restart of the sapstartsrv process or the OS may be required to activate the group change.

  • this connection is optional and can be skipped.

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