satellite system ABAP RFC user MANUAL SETUP

A dedicated SAP User must be created (of user type "SYSTEM") in all applicable clients of the satellite system and provided with the role ESEC_SA_SATELLITE that is delivered as part of the installation. This role only grants the rights to execute the security checks but not to change data. The role must be downloaded from the Protect4S system using transaction PFCG and uploaded in the satellite system.

For short term assessments also limit the validity period of the user to the period of the assessment. This can be set on the LOGON DATA tab.

Users in Development satellite systems that are used for mitigation of OSS Notes and have the role ESEC_SA_SATELLITE_MITIGATE, should be created as user type "SERVICE". When executing mitigations on a S/4HANA system, in addition to the ESEC_SA_SATELLITE_MITIGATE role, you also need to add the role ESEC_SA_SATELLITE_MITIGATE_S4 for a delta of additional S/4HANA authorizations.

Make sure that both the background user in the Protect4S system and the Protect4S VM RFC users in the satellite systems have the same date-format settings so that date and time calculations are executed correctly. Also set the Logon Language to "EN".

This must be configured using transaction SU01 on the DEFAULTS tab and set as displayed in the figure below:

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