Creating a JAVA system

Creating a JAVA satellite system

To create an JAVA satellite system in Protect4S VM, you will need the following users in your satellite system (You cannot scan a system without all mandatory users):

Staring point is the following screen:

1. JAVA system connection

For the JAVA connection, you must supply the JAVA user ID and password. The default JAVA port will be taken if the port number is left empty.

2. JAVA Database connection

Database connections for JAVA systems are mandatory to get the most out of Protect4S VM. For this connection you will need to create a database user in the database of the satellite system. See the chapter satellite system database user for details on how to create this DB user.

If SAP Hana is used as a Database and an encrypted connection need to be setup, you can use the following button to automatically fill the needed parameters in the connection:

For the setup of encrypted communication, the HANA database certificate must be imported in the applicable PSE in transaction STRUST of this SAP Solution Manager. Specifics of the PSE can be adjusted in the parameters field. By default it uses the SSL default client (SAPSSLC).

3. Operating system connection

In this step, the connections to each instance will be created. First the connection to the main instance is created by supplying the: hostname, SAP instance number, OS user name and password.

After pressing the "Next" button, the wizard will discover all the other instances and it assumes that these will use the same user-ID and password:

After pressing the "Next" button, an overview of the various connections will be shown:

These connections will be created when the "Save" button is pressed:

Afterwards, the connections can be checked by pressing the "Check all connections" button:

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