Scan results information

The "Scan results" header shows various types of information about the scan: the project that the scan is part of, the scan ID and description and the start date and time and the scan status.

The scan result graph shows how many vulnerabilities with different risk levels were detected by the scan. The green part represents all the checks that passed. These parts can be clicked and all checks corresponding with that particular risk level will be displayed in a new tab.

The right-hand side of the scan result contains 2 heat maps:

Risk distribution heatmap

Risk levels are calculated from both impact and likelihood. Therefore, the largest risks can be found in the upper right-hand corner of this heat map. Each number in the heat map corresponds with the number of failed checks for the corresponding impact and likelihood levels. If you click on a number, a new tab opens containing a list of the failed checks for that specific impact and likelihood level.

Mitigation effort heatmap

This heat map shows the risk levels of the checks plotted against mitigation effort. Quick wins for mitigation may can be found in the left-hand side of the heat map (for mitigation effort values Very Low and Low). This way users may identify, select and concentrate on solving the easy-to-fix vulnerabilities first.

Both heat maps can be filtered on Platform layer using the dropdown selection box.

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