Check Template

With Protect4S VM it is possible to create your own security templates containing threshold values that are in line with your own Company's security policy.

After selecting the check template menu option, the Check template application will open.

You can create your own new templates in several different ways:

1. Creating a new Check template from scratch

By selecting the "New" button, you can create your own Check template from scratch.

After providing a description, you can select one or more Check groups and/or subgroups to include in your Check template. The group "Compliance" for example is very suitable to create your own compliance template.

In the Check list, you will see the Checks that are selected for the template. By flagging the Check as "Active" (1) it will be included in your template. By selecting the pencil icon in the "Value action" column (2), you can adapt the threshold values (3,4) for the check. The initial values shown are based on our own best practice. After customization of these values you save the check by choosing the "Ok" button (5).

Any values that have been changed from their default value, can be identified by the following icon:

After you have activated and adapted all checks that you want included, you can save the check template by pressing the "Save" button.

2. Copying an existing Check template

It is also possible to copy an existing Check template by selecting the Copy icon button of an existing Check template:

The selected Check template is opened and you can adapt and save it with your own description.

3. Using a Scan as the basis for a Check template

After pressing the button "New" from the Check template menu, provide a template description (1) and select the "Import scan" button (2). A selector box opens and Scan selection is possible (3,4).

After a Scan has been selected, all the checks contained in this particular Scan are copied to the new Check template.

The copied Checks may be set to "Active" and their threshold values can be customized, after which the Check template can be saved.

Exporting and importing a Check template to/from file

It is possible to export and import Check templates to/from a (XML-based) file:

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